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Financial security is not simply about saving your money for future emergencies. We also have to plan for what happens to our families when we're no longer with them. Getting life insurance is a choice that you should make for your family. Allow us to help you secure their future. We offer a wide range of policies from over sixty top companies to help you do just that.

We serve families in the states of North Carolina, Virginia, and Texas. Let us help you take care of your family today!

Insurance Basics

We will help you clear up these three misconceptions about life insurance:

FALSE: I Can Always Get Life Insurance Later


Life insurance will never be more affordable than it is today. With each year we age, it becomes more and more expensive, and we risk not qualifying later because of health issues. How many people do you know who have died and left their families in financial insecurity? There is no "I'll take care of it later" because none of us is guaranteed tomorrow. The decision to secure your family's future is yours to make.

FALSE: Life Insurance Is Too Expensive 


You'd be surprised. It's such a shame that people don't protect families because they imagine the cost is too high. A recent LIMRA study revealed that when a large polling group was asked to estimate the cost of life insurance on a 30-year-old male, the vast majority over-guessed the amount. By how much? By three times the amount the policy actually cost! Find out for yourself how much your policy would cost by using our new, self-help Quote & Apply link below, or call us.

FALSE: I Don't Need Life Insurance


But your family needs you to have it. Life insurance guarantees that your family’s needs are provided for not only when you're alive, but also after you're gone. We also have policies with "living benefits" you can use while you're still here. Ask us about these!

Introducing Our New Self-Help Quote & Apply Link

If you really want to know how little a life insurance policy actually costs, we've made it easy for you. Our new Quote & Apply link (at the bottom of this paragraph) gives you the absolute best quote with over sixty A-rated carriers plus several other choices. If you like the plan, you can even follow through by applying yourself using the link! No agent contact is necessary. Need help? Give us a call at

252-370-8391 or email us with the form on our Contact page. We'll be glad to walk you through the process and answer questions! 

IMPORTANT: We never sell or transfer your contact or personal information. Not ever.

The Different Types of Life Insurance

Whole Life

Also known as “straight life” or “ordinary life,” this policy is usually purchased in smaller amounts to guarantee lifetime coverage. Always with a flat rate, it builds cash value over time.

Term Life

This offers temporary coverage within a specific period. You can use this for covering large exposures like mortgages. However, this has no cash value and cannot be borrowed against. If you get Term Life from us, this can be converted into Whole Life in a smaller amount later in the "term."

Universal Life

Although this is less expensive than Whole Life, Universal Life still has the same flat rate. It is also more flexible since premiums can be stopped for a short period. This builds value over time and can be borrowed against.

Indexed Universal Life (IUL)

This earns money based on your investment, making this a better value builder than Universal Life. IUL is typically less expensive than Whole Life but can yield greater value depending on several factors.

Variable Universal Life (VUL)

Since this is an investment instrument, it’s possible for the value to fall depending on circumstances. This uncertainty goes against the financial security we want to offer our policyholders, so we don’t offer VUL here.

No-Obligation Consultation

It has never been easier to get an insurance policy that’s vital to you and your family’s future. We take care of every step of the process over the phone and online. Fill out the form below for a no-obligation phone appointment or call us now at 252-370-8391.

IMPORTANT: We never sell or transfer your contact or personal information. Not ever.

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