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Life Insurance Is a Choice You Make

About Your Family's Future.

There are three undeniable truths about life insurance:

1. You want to take care of  your family, and you can. This is true not only when you're alive, but after you're gone. Life insurance makes sure that their needs are provided for, and that you've unselfishly met your obligation to them.

2. GoFundMe and "thoughts and prayers" on Facebook are not acceptable substitutes for life insurance. When it comes to your final expenses, they simply aren't nearly enough to cover the costs your family will be burdened with. The tragedy of a family struggling to bury a relative and meet their own immediate expenses is 100% preventable by the purchase of affordable life insurance.

3. Life insurance will never be more affordable than it is today. This necessary coverage becomes more and more expensive with each year we age. There is no "I'll take care of it later" because none of us is guaranteed tomorrow. Let's be honest here and ask yourself how many people do you personally know who have died without insurance? A recent study by LIMRA revealed in a poll that people thought  life insurance was going to be over twice as expensive than it actually turned out to be. Your willingness to do something about it now guarantees a better future for them. They deserve action on your part to make that happen. 

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I Know I Need Life Insurance. What Should I Do Next?

A thorough examination of your needs and goals by an experienced independent life insurance agent is critical. Someone who isn't captive to one life insurance company can give you ALL the best available options from many top-rated carriers. ​Click on the "Learn More" butt​on to get the help you need in making this important decision. 

The Different Types of Life Insurance

Whole Life: Permanent insurance, usually purchased in smaller amounts to guarantee lifetime coverage. Once purchased, the rate never goes up. Builds cash value over time.

Term: "Temporary" coverage for a specific period of time, or "term". Useful for covering large exposures like mortgages. Has no cash value, which means it can't be borrowed against. However, all term sold by this agency can be converted into Whole Life in a smaller amount later in the "term", or period of time.​ We won't sell any other.

Universal Life:​ Typically less expensive than Whole Life, but st​ill has the same flat rate. Also more flexible in that, over time, premiums can be stopped for a short period. Builds value over time and can be borrowed against.

Indexed Universal Life (IUL): Universal Life that earns money based on investment, which builds better value than traditional Universal Life. Still typically less expensive than Whole Life, but can yield greater value, depending on several factors.

Variable Universal Life (VUL): Please don't ask. We absolutely refuse to sell it. Too much of the value is market-sensitive, and we feel it's too risky to use as life insurance.  Sold as an investment instrument, it's quite possible for the value, depending on circumstances, to go "upside-down", or lose value, which is dangerous to the policyholder.

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